BNCC Regiment.

At present BNCC is organized in mainly five different administrative divisions and in some cases, part of a division. The functional units (Battalion)/subunits (Company/ Platoons) of each administrative divisions form a regiment of BNCC.

Existing Regiments of BNCC and their names.

(a) RAMNA Regiment covers Dhaka division area.
(b) MOINAMATI Regiment covers Cumilla, Brahmanbaria districts and Sylhet division.
(c) KARNAPHULI Regiment covers Chattogram division.
(e) SUNDARBAN Regiment covers Khulna & Barishal division.
(d) MOHASTHAN Regiment covers Rajshahi & Rangpur division.

3 X Regiments of BNCC approved by Hon’ble PM.

(a) TISTA Regiment
(b) KOPOTAKKHO Regiment
(c) SHER-E-BANGLA Regiment

2 X Regiments are Proposed.

(a) SHURMA Regiment
(b) BRAMHAPUTRA Regiment

Platoon, Company and Battalion.
  1. The basic functional sub-units of schools, colleges and universities having minimum 31 cadets are called platoon.
  2. The basic functional sub-units having minimum three platoons are called Company (for Army Wing) /Squadron (for Air Wing) /Flotilla (for Navy Wing).
  3. The functional units under a regiment is called Battalion. A Battalion consists of five company and there are five Battalion under a Regiment.

Divisions in BNCC.

Two Divisions.
Junior Division- In High School.
Senior Division – In Colleges and Universities.