Notice of NOC

Sl Date Subject Download
1June 13, 2019মেজর সোমেন কান্তি বড়ুয়া’র এনওসি।
2June 11, 2019NOC of Major Harun, His Wife & Daughter
3May 26, 2019Sabina Yasmin (Wife of Sgt Jahid)
4May 26, 2019Tanvir Ahmed Mahfuz (Son of Sgt Jahid)
5May 26, 2019Khijir Ahmed (Son of Sgt Jahid)
6May 5, 2019NOC of Office Assistant Md. Anowar Hossain
7May 5, 2019NOC of UDA Md. Abu Doud
8April 23, 2019NOC of Security Guard Md. Rohis Uddin
9April 23, 2019NOC of Superintendent Md. Mymur Hossain
10April 23, 2019NOC of Md. Mymur Hossain